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Stratton Deanery Cornwall, United Kingdom

Stratton Deanery Prayer
O generous God, you invite your people to discover the Kingdom and grow the church;  give us, then, the courage,  the strength and the vision to share in the mission and ministry of your Son that with the Lord of the Church we may be, truly,  the Church of the Lord.  Amen

written by Revd. Canon Rob Dickenson

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Welcome to Stratton Deanery

North Cornwall is a truly glorious place, and it’s a privilege to live and work here – on the edge of everything. Where rugged cliffs encounter dramatic Atlantic breakers. Where Cornwall meets England. And where the Gospel is tested in people’s everyday lives.

Our 23 churches (across 18 parishes) are mainly small, rural, struggling for cash – and in good heart. Financial pressures mean that clergy are thin on the ground – but the dedication of their congregations mean that the churches are hives of activity.

Stratton Deanery covers a wide geographical area – but we work well together, and there is a real sense of common purpose. Clergy and lay officers meet weekly in Deanery College, for prayer, bible study and discussion. We’re keen to get away from narrow parochialism, and share scarce resources across the deanery. 

We’re not afraid to be controversial – and stand up and speak out for social justice, however unpopular it sometimes makes us.

As you explore the website, you’ll see details of the many ancient and beautiful church buildings we’re privileged to use – but this is only part of our story, as each has its own living, working and worshipping congregation, trying to reach out to its community, and share something of the love and the joy and the peace and the hope that they have found in their faith. It certainly doesn’t give us all the answers – but it helps us wrestle with the questions.

If you’re planning a visit to North Cornwall, it would be good if you were able to visit some of our churches – and even better if you were able to join us for worship (but please look on the individual church’s website to check arrangements for the Sunday you intend to come – as not every church has a service every week).  

Whenever you come, and wherever you go – I guarantee you’ll receive a very warm welcome!

Revd. Tony Windross
Rural Dean


Revd. A M Windross
The Rectory
Week St. Mary
EX22 6UY



01288 341600