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Following a seminar in Truro about Persecuted Christians around the world, it was thought it would be good to share the information, and ask you to join us in praying for them.

A new country each month: 

This month’s focus is on the persecution of Christians in . . . . 


Although the government of Kenya is a secular government, some 80% of the population is Christian, and 10% Muslim. The militant Islamist group al-Shabaab, based in Somalia, wants to set up an Islamic state in part of Somalia and also to include parts of the neighbouring countries over its borders, including Kenya. This is against the remit of the African Union Force, which Kenya joined in 2011, trying to bring peace to Somalia. As a result, al-Shebaab have been carrying out frequent raids across the border into northern Kenya, killing anyone they find who is a Christian. They particularly target students, pastors and church workers, and destroy church buildings and Christian businesses if they can.

In other parts of the country widespread corruption and crime pose a threat to believers.

In Muslim majority areas Christians are denied burial spaces, Islamic sharia courts are allowed to try civil cases, and vigilante groups roam these areas.

There is also increasing opposition from traditional African religions, especially on the treatment of young girls.

In 2016, government proposals for much greater control and bureaucratic documentation of Kenyan churches was thankfully withdrawn after wide scale protests and lobbying of MPs.


● Effective leadership in Kenya, especially after the recent disputed presidential elections.

● Pray for peace, and the defeat of the al-Shebaab insurgents.

● Pray for comfort and healing for those bereaved and injured in recent attacks.

● Ask God to watch over and protect Christians as they gather in his name, and to protect all pastors and workers in their daily lives.

● Pray that attempts to Islamise the legal system will fail.

● Pray that the militant Islamists will come to know Jesus, and will repent of their ways.


Revd. D Barnes
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