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Following a seminar in Truro about Persecuted Christians around the world, it was thought it would be good to share the information, and ask you to join us in praying for them.

A new country each month: 

This month’s focus is on the persecution of Christians in . . . . 


India is a big, populous country, with over a billion inhabitants. In many parts of the country our Christian brothers and sisters are left in peace. Sadly in other areas they are increasingly suffering violence, abuse and persecution, mainly from supporters of the Hindutva movement whose aim is to make the country “pure” Hindu. These attacks are most frequent in the more northern states, but are spreading further and further south. In Jammu and Kashmir states the persecution increases as there, there are large Muslim populations who are goaded on by Muslim extremists.

Since the BJP party became the ruling government, things have continued to get more difficult as they support the more radical Hindu way.

Unfortunately the local authorities and the police seem to do very little when trouble occurs. In many cases where Christian churches, homes and businesses have been attacked and even destroyed, far from arresting the perpetrators they end up arresting the Christian victims who then find themselves either fined or even in prison.

Christian activities are also restricted by the “anti-conversion” laws which are being adopted by more and more states. These prohibit conversions by “force, fraud, or allurement”. Sadly the wording of these new laws is so open to different interpretation that they are often used to prevent legitimate Christian activity and evangelism.

In spite of all this harassment and often violent opposition, the Christian Church continues to grow, in some areas quite rapidly.


● For Christians in India to stand firm in their faith in the face of opposition, intimidation and violence from Hindu and Muslim extremists, and a less than helpful police.

● Praise God, and give him thanks that in spite of this opposition the Christian church in India is growing, in some areas quite fast.

● Pray that the repressive anti-conversion laws will be repealed and relaxed.

● Pray for justice and a better reaction from the police and local authorities toward those have experienced violence and false accusations.

● Pray for the healing of all Christians who have suffered violence and trauma.

● Pray that the ruling BJP party will implement true justice and freedom for all religions and all ethnic groups across the whole of India. 


Revd. D Barnes
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