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St. Materiana

Churchwarden: Jo Smith

Tel: 01840 770486

Churchwarden: Marion Trick

Tel: 01840 770713


Revd. Heather Aston

Tel: 01840 250359

The Rectory, Forrabury, Boscastle PL35 0DJ

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The Parish Church of St. Materiana, Tintagel, was built almost entirely as it appears today, in its cruciform shape of nave, chancel and transepts, between the years 1080 and 1150 in the time of the first Norman earls of Cornwall, Robert of Mortain and his son William.

The church is dedicated to St Materiana, who has been identified with St Madryn, a princess of Gwent, and who according to tradition, evangelised these parts about 500AD, and whose other and chief shrine lay at Minster, a few miles to the east, where her relics were preserved until the Reformation which swept all these things away.

The Church is open to visitors, and for private prayer every day.

Tintagel is also responsible for the ancient chapel at Trethevy (CLICK HERE), a hamlet in north Cornwall.

(Rural Dean)
Revd. D Barnes
1 Lanveans
EX23 8AB



01288 352254