St. Petroc

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Carol Williams
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PCC Secretary:
Bob Pethick
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Whilst much of what remains of today’s church is for the 13th and 15th Century, there is still much evidence of the Norman church (although perhaps ‘improved’ by the Victorians!!!)
The tower dates from the 13th Century and was rebuilt in the 15th.

The church was restored by Piers St Aubyn in 1875 at which time much of the roof was replaced. The Pulpit has some fine modern carving of the life story of St Petroc which is also illustrated in the tapestry that was created by parishioners some years ago.
The font is of Norman Green Stone and is in front of the old North entrance to the (possible) North aisle.

In the North transept which is entered through a Norman arch there is evidence of the earlier church with original paint on the stones of the window, a pediment for a statue and a tiny piscine which is hidden away just below the squint or Hagioscope. There used to be a screen which separated the Sanctuary from the Nave and sadly some of this was washed away during the Boscastle flood of 2004 as it was on display at the time (for safety!!!) in the Visitors Centre – however there are some carved timbers in the roof of the North transept (are these from the original screen???)

Behind the altar are some of the old pew ends and acting as a Reredos is a 16th Century Dutch or Flemish carving which depict scenes from the Annunciation, the Visitation and the Crucifixion.

There are some lovely views of the sea from the Graveyard which also has an ancient cross in it.